Executive Search & Selection – UK wide

Executive search is generally used by our clients to reach candidates that are less likely to register on an existing database due to their seniority and/or specialist nature. Executive search is always supported by database search and selection activities to ensure successful delivery. We recommend this option when seeking to fill your most critical and or urgent positions particularly where timing and/or confidentiality are factors.

Client Briefing
Initial client meeting, evaluation and analysis of brief, creation of assignment specification, plan of action agreed and company culture investigated.

Candidate Attraction
Intelligent Search will attract candidates in the following ways:

  • Headhunting candidates from targeted competitors.
  • Searching existing database and candidates already known to us as a result of previous assignments we have delivered on.
  • Extensive use of our candidate tracking system “Filefinder 10”.
  • Extensive knowledge and awareness of relevant companies and competitor activities.
  • Referrals and recommendations.
  • Project tracking – we actively track on site projects in the UK with a value in excess of £10m (i.e. location, sector, client, form of contract, contractor etc) to establish when these are coming to an end and therefore will potentially release experienced candidates into the market.
  • Information presented in the various trade journals that we subscribe to (i.e. Construction News, Contract Journal, and Building Malagasies etc) which identify key market players, current and future projects and potential candidates.
  • Professional and online networking.

Screening of Applicants
Applications will be sifted in a structured and objective manner. The requirement of the sift is to establish if the candidate fits the key criteria and is eligible for invitation to preliminary interview.
Screening will review:

  • Confirmation of criteria fit (skills, qualifications, experience, and background).
  • Ability to travel to the place of work, or relocate (if appropriate).
  • Establishment that they are at the correct level in their career.
  • Confirmation that the remuneration package matches candidate expectations.

Any areas of concern will be explored during the telephone interview.

Telephone Interview
Commences with a review of de-selectors including:

  • Eligibility to work in the UK.
  • Conflicts of interest.
  • Ability to provide appropriate checks, references.
  • Details of relevant skills, experience, competence, professional memberships and qualifications.
  • Reasons for leaving current employer.
  • Salary level and expected earnings.
  • Availability/notice period.

A record is made of responses with reasons for rejection recorded for audit purposes. Successful candidates are shortlisted for our face-to-face registration interview.

Face-to-Face Interview
Biographical Questions:

  • Qualify CV by:

- Exploring work history and background.

- Exploring gaps in employment.

- Establishing reasons for leaving previous jobs.

- Understanding future aspirations & motivation.

- Establishing reference points.

  • Discuss vacancy and establish Candidate’s aspirations and requirements in line with job role.
  • Provide the Candidate with details relating to the vacancy.

Competency Based Questions:
Past behaviour is a strong indicator of future behaviour. As such, competency based questions will be asked to establish evidence of the skills and experience required to be successful in the role. This will be based on competencies required within the job description.

Intelligent Search will obtain employment references for all candidates as part of the selection process, and will forward these to our client prior to interview.
As a minimum, references will cover the most recent two years employment (although the current employer will not be approached for a reference until a job offer has been made and accepted in writing). Where possible, references will be taken up from the organisation’s HR Department, and further information on the candidate’s performance will be obtained from Line Management.
We will endeavour to obtain references in writing wherever possible. Bearer references will be validated by verifying them with the company prior to accepting them.

Candidate Briefing
Prior to CV submission all candidates will be briefed face to face wherever possible, and by telephone as a minimum regarding:

  • Our client as an employer of choice
  • Our Client’s company policies and procedures (e.g. Equality & Diversity)
  • The role (including provision of job description)
  • Overview of the project (where role is project specific)
  • The process and anticipated timescales
  • Career opportunities and talent management

In the event that there are any queries raised at this point that we are unable to answer, Intelligent Search will seek clarification from the HR Department / contact as designated by client
Intelligent Search proposes to work with all clients to develop a candidate pack that contains all of the genetic information that should be provided to the candidate at this stage, and which can be augmented with role specific documentation.

Candidate Submission Process
Intelligent Search proposes to provide the following information with the CV:

  • The candidate’s current remuneration
  • Reasons for leaving current position (if applicable)
  • Candidate aspirations in relation to the role

Client Interview Process
Intelligent Search will arrange client interviews with shortlisted candidates, and ensure that they are fully briefed regarding:

  • The name of the interviewer
  • Location of the interview (together with a map, directions, public transport and parking availability details)
  • Copies of all relevant documentation (e.g. job description and briefing pack)

Candidate Feedback Process
Intelligent Search believe that conducting this process effectively is an extremely important part of maintaining and enhancing the client’s reputation and status as an employer of choice in the candidate market.
Where candidates are unsuccessful, we wish to ensure that the process itself was a positive experience and constructive feedback forms a key part of this.
Intelligent Search will present interview feedback to unsuccessful candidates within 24 hours of receipt. We will also provide our client with feedback from the candidates themselves in order to support continuous improvement of the process.

Offer Management Process
There are a number of elements that make up the offer process as follows:

  • Brokering the Offer – Intelligent Search will broker the offer from the client to the candidate, and verbal acceptance of a verbal offer will be sought prior to written offer being issued.
  • Managing Candidate Expectations - At various points in the process Intelligent Search will manage candidate expectations with respect to remuneration and will promote the benefits of accepting an offer of employment with our client (Whilst Intelligent Search recognises that remuneration and financial gain is a very important motivator it is essential to continually emphasise other non-financial benefits offered by our clients if we are to minimise counter offers.
  • Resignation Coaching and Counter Offer Counselling – Whilst it is at this point in the process that resignation coaching and counter offer counselling are most relevant; it is worth pointing out that it will not be the first time this subject will have been covered with the candidate. Intelligent Search firmly believes that in order to reduce the risk of counter offers, the subject of counter offers will have needed to be covered throughout the process.
  • Written Acceptance – Following the verbal acceptance of the verbal and subsequent issue of a written offer by our client, Intelligent Search will drive through the resignation and written acceptance process, in order to facilitate timely return of signed contracts as quickly as possible as and no later than 2 weeks after receipt of the written offer.
  • Resignation and Transition Management – Intelligent Search has longed understood the risks posed of losing the candidate during their notice period. This a period used by the current employer to get the candidate to reconsider their decision to leave, and as such, Intelligent Search will remain in contact with the candidate throughout their notice period, and continue to reinforce their decision to leave their current employer in favour of joining our client. During this period it would not be uncommon to invite the candidate to an informal meeting with their new line manager or alternatively take the opportunity to meet with their consultant at Intelligent Search by way of a celebration.
  • Start Date Confirmed – Intelligent Search will confirm details of the start date with the candidate as soon as this is confirmed with the client
  • Candidate Debrief - On completion of the recruitment, Intelligent Search proposes to conduct a process feedback with candidates in order to identify any opportunities to increase efficiency or improve. This information will be submitted to all clients at review meetings and implemented as part of the standard process where appropriate.

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